Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Iowa TV Coverage of American Gothic House's Newest Resident & Pie Baker...Me!

Here's the result of Mike Borland's Friday visit to the American Gothic House. I have to admit, it's great publicity for the launch of my PITCHFORK PIE STAND. Thanks to everyone who partcipated. And thanks, too, for believing in the healing powers of pie.

The video below is what aired on the 5:00 news (2 minutes)

Pitchfork Pies from Mike Borland on Vimeo.


living.boondockingmexico said...

You have changed so much since I met you. You look pretty happy! Do you think we will ever meet up again? We were close when you were in Terlingua, I should have gone. Peace.

stimpycat said...

You are adorable when you are happy and the overalls fit you my dear.

Your charmed friend back in 'Schwobenlandle,'