Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kyle Munson's Article: American Gothic Meets American Pie

Des Moines Register photo by John Gaps III

On Thursday, Des Moines Register reporter Kyle Munson came down to Eldon and spent the day with me, the mayor Shirley Stacey, the American Gothic House Center administrator Molly Moser, and met other members of the community. Read his blog and see more pics HERE.  And be sure to read the full article tomorrow in the Des Moines Register -- on the front page of the paper!

I also gave Kyle a tour of the inside of my house. You can see it here on YouTube. Come on in!

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megpies said...

Hi! I saw this and I wanted to make sure you saw it. It's from Cake Wrecks Blog that normally shows messed up cakes and jokes about them, but this post is of cakes that are pretty amazing - and one of them is based on the Gothic House! Check it out!

Thanks for the tour!! So cool!