Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Apple Pie Shortcuts, As Seen on Better TV

One snowy January day a television crew from BETTER TV showed up at the American Gothic House and wanted to film me making pie. Since I love making pie -- even better, teaching others how to make it -- I said, "Sure."

I showed them a few of my shortcuts, the ones I learned from my pie baking mentor, Mary Spellman, when I worked for her in Malibu. Here are the tips I passed along:

Perfect Apple Pie

Naturally, this video crew was curious as to how and why I was living in the American Gothic House. I understood their surprise. For one, you wouldn't think anyone would actually be living in an international tourist attraction. It would be like living inside, say, the Statue of Liberty. But many don't even know of the American Gothic House's existence. So I explained --with their camera rolling -- how and why I came to live here, in rural Iowa. I told them about Marcus dying, and how this house has been so good for me in this segment:

Pies and American Gothic

Both of these segments aired on BETTER TV on February 23. They will re-air on March 23. Check your local listings for TV times.


martha said...

How very exciting! I'll go program my tv now to record it!!!

Linda said...

Just seen the program today, and just had to run and find your site!
I am now a fan, and can't wait to start baking pie's.
(which will make my hubby very happy!)

Have a Great Day!

Sigrid said...

Well I finally got to your web site through google. I could not get the TV show here but got the video on the computer as one says go girl go. Keep teaching.

I just made a seafood pie.

martha said...

I've just caught up with watching your segment on Better, and it was very, very good! Congratulations!

Simply Bungalow said...

Just found you through Midwest Living. Love your blog!