Monday, September 1, 2008

Pie: The Latest Trend in Fast Food?

On Saturday we crossed the U.S. border, taking a day trip from Saltillo, Mexico to McAllen, Texas. I hadn't been in the U.S. in two and 1/2 months. My, how things have changed: Pie, it seems, has become the latest trend in fast food. First I spotted a Dairy Queen sign (in McAllen there's a DQ about every two blocks) and it read: Special: Banana Cream Pie Blizzard. Unbelievable! Just a little further down the road was Burger King with its sign touting Dutch Apple Pie, along with Macaroni and Cheese. The idea of eating fast food sits about as well with me as John McCain becoming president. But, hey, if eating pie--in whatever high-caloric form you choose (DQ's medium-sized Blizzard has 780 calories)--brings comfort to the soul (though unlikely to the stomach) then I say, go ahead, super size it.


Geoff said...

Beth, hope you enjoy Saltillo as much as we do! My sister-in-law lived there for the past 4 years, and we drove down twice a year from Northern Canada to visit her. 4000 km there, 4000km back!
Or 5000 miles return! We traveled out from Saltillo to all around the area, there are some amazing things to do very close to Saltillo.
We enjoy your blog, as well as Chris's in Monterrey. We had the opportunity to meet him when we were down in April, he has a great knowledge of all things Mexican.
Keep up the good blogging!
Hope to meet you in Saltillo someday, our dalmatians are already feeling the cold sub-arctic autumn chill here and want to go back south!
Geoff and Sandy in Canada!

Anonymous said...

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