Saturday, April 14, 2012

RV Book Tour: Week Two, Portland, Oregon

Since I have had no time to write, here's a glimpse into Week Two of the "Pie Across the Nation" RV Book Tour in the form of a video. Thanks to Ari Cheren -- this week's co-"pielot" driving The Beast -- who is also a field producer. He's worked on shows including "Amazing Race" and "Making Piece" book tour.


DayTrip said...

Hi! Nice video. I feel like I'm getting to know you a little bit, and I'm enjoying the process! Much luck with the rest of your tour and with the book in general.

Dana (Cheren) Larkin

mjmoore said...

Terrific way to keep people updated on your adventures! I tip my hat to you, Beth. You have traveled a difficult road, yet come out still thriving and living your dream, albeit a different dream than you would have originally thought. One day I hope to give you a hug and look into your eyes and say, "Let's go make some pie!"

JamiM said...

Great to see the video. And you/your book were the subject of my national "Book Page" email this week!

Kim in Iowa said...

Great video and looks like great adventures! Your book is such a wonderful story - enjoying every chapter. Keep the updates coming!

kevel88 said...

Really nice video and I so appreciate you sharing it with us on your blog. Wow, who wouldn't come to a book signing if they got a piece of pie, too.

What a cool way to introduce your book as well.